Podcast 1.18: Jason Coskrey of The Japan Times

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Podcast 1.18: Jason Coskrey of The Japan Times

The Japan Times baseball writer, Jason Coskrey calls in.  Topics: LHP Yusei Kikuchi coming into his own, Shohei Otani, Masahiro Tanaka’s strong start, Ballgate, NPB’s interesting playoff format

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  1. Azza, 4 years ago Reply

    Just adding… if i remember right from what Jim Allen said in one of the podcasts he and John Gibson made, the All Star series determines who gets the first second round pick in the draft

    Because the first round picks are done by a lottery if two or more teams picks the same player, so if lets say the Central League wins the All Star series, it means the bottom team of the Central League gets the first second round pick, then the bottom team of the Pacific League, then the second bottom in Central league etc etc

    Proceeds with each round after the 1st round, i think

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