Podcast 1.6 Japan vs. Korea: What a Rivalry!

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Podcast 1.6 Japan vs. Korea: What a Rivalry!
Courtesy iplaywinner.com

Courtesy iplaywinner.com



First off,  we apologize for the poor audio on portions of this podcast.  Please prepare to raise your volume all the way up during some parts.  We have since rectified this technical issue and look forward to crisper shows with LIVE uStream down the road.

On this episode of ComingToAmericaBaseball.com Podcast Jason Coskrey (The Japan Times) and Jeeho Yoo (Yonhap News) came on to talk about what some consider arguably the biggest rivalry in baseball: Korea vs. Japan.  The guys got into an in-depth analysis of each team’s WBC rosters and their chances in the tournament.  Look for Jason and Jeeho to cover the WBC for their respective papers in the weeks to come.  Nino sat out this week, feeling under the weather.  We wish him and his daughter, Bella, well.

To reach our guests on Twitter: Jason, @JCoskrey and Jeeho: @Jeeho_1


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  1. Sangchul Jung, 4 years ago Reply

    You got to win against Japan from Rock-paper-scissor to world cup soccer match.
    – anonymous Korean

    First sports match between Korea and Japan was 1953 world cup soccer Asian round for 1954 Swiss World Cup.
    The president Lee brought the national soccer team and if you lose against Japan, don’t come back and drown (and kill yourself) at Korea Strait (The ocean between Korea and Japan). Korea won 5-1 against Japan and tied 1-1. Funny things was that both game was held in Japan (It was supposed be held as Home and Away game). Why? President Lee did not let “Japs” to set foot in Korea. (No wonder, Korea made the independence from Japan Just 10 years ago)

    Korean people and Japanese people say ‘nah, it’s not that important’. But, if the national team loses… the hell breaks open.

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