Podcast 1.5: David Kim, Minnesota Twins Pacific Rim Scout

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Podcast 1.5: David Kim, Minnesota Twins Pacific Rim Scout

On this episode of Coming To America Baseball, Minnesota Twins Pacific Rim Scout, David Kim, on assignment, calls in from Jeju Island, Korea. Find out what cuisine made Nino show up late (as usual). Philip and Nino talk about what obscure KBO record David set.  The guys also discuss high school baseball in Korea and Japan, MLB allowing interpreters on the mound during games, “The Korean (baseball) Wave” ;why perhaps Korea has an edge over Team USA in the World Baseball Classic, and the petition to bring Nino to The Peninsula.

Later Clint Hulsey talks about Yoon Suk-min, KBO RHP, who will showcase his talents in the WBC for a shot at an MLB spot next year.

Please sign the petition to bring Nino to Korea as a goodwill baseball ambassador:


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  1. Sangchul Jung, 4 years ago Reply

    I believe that J Royster did the great job. It’s not Korean – Foreigner problem. All the managers got fired in recent 5 years I believe…
    In KBO, Managers’ lifespan is shorter than insects.

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